Yoga & Meditation

Jo teaches a meditative style of yoga, drawing on her experience as a dancer, her training in traditional Hatha Yoga and her lifelong search for true expression, purpose and upliftment.


Physically her classes are: Deep & Gentle,  Explorative, Empowering, Interoceptive, Breath-Focused & Meditative. 


A class with Jo will generally include simple and gentle joint release practices, traditional hatha yoga asanas, some more somatic-led movements, pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga nidra (meditative deep relaxation) and meditation.

Cultivating Present Moment Awareness is a key aspect of the practice, as the ultimate purpose  of yoga is to realise our true nature, which is the essential being of Self, Pure Awareness, the Witnessing Consciousness that has no beginning or end and that we can cultivate awareness of through the tools of yoga and meditation.